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Murals in Inwood

Published 2013-01-26 · By James Bursa

One day in early December I found myself in Inwood. This neighborhood is at the very north of Manhattan.

This is 10th Avenue at 204th Street. 10th Avenue starts at 12th Street, is called Amsterdam Ave from 72nd Street, and ends soon after 190th Street. Then, after a short gap, it restarts as 10th Avenue again. You can see where it restarts in the distance of this photo.

10th Avenue at 204th Street

I took my car to this brightly painted business for detailing.

Amable Auto Detailing

Just round the corner on 204th St, I found this mural on the side of Miguel Auto Glass.

Mural on Miguel Auto Glass

Compare to 1½ years earlier, as captured by Google Street View in May 2011. Miguel is called Malena's, and the mural is almost completely different.

Earlier view of Miguel Auto Glass

I stopped for lunch at Jimbo's Hamburger, on 10th Ave at 207th St.

Lunch at Jimbo's Hamburger

On the other side of the intersection, I found this collection of murals.

The peeling one on top commemorates 9/11, with the twin towers standing on the right and their ruins in the centre. The writing in the top-left begins "This mural is dedicated to the families" and ends "those who continue to serve our city." The rest is illegible. In the top-right is "© 01 ... The Mural Kings".

One City Indivisible mural

This mural compares women's rights in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, and Jordan to their rights in Israel.

Women's rights in the Middle East mural