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Start State

Published 2012-12-22 · By James Bursa

Earlier work by my esteemed colleague had left the flat mid-reconstruction when I arrived to start work in September 2011.

The corridor between the front room and kitchen is lined by wardrobes with mirrored doors. Materials and dust are resident.

Corridor start state
Corridor and kitchen start state

In the future kitchen, a “chandelier” is hanging from its supply wires. Tools and parts are stored on the floor.

Kitchen window start state
Kitchen fireplace start state

In the bathroom, the sink and toilet are in location, but not plumbed-in.

Bathroom start state

An original plaster inner wall is open from bathroom side, revealing slats. The outer wall is insulated, but needs closing on the inside.

Bathroom window and wall start state

The bath tub sits on a dolly in the middle of the bathroom.

Bathtub start state