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Steam Radiators

Published 2013-01-24 · By James Bursa

The new kitchen floor is slightly thicker than the previous floor was, so we had to adjust the radiator connection.

The building is heated by low-pressure steam radiators. One pipe brings steam to each radiator and the condensate drains back through the same pipe. Riser pipes come from the boiler in the basement. Air vents let air out so that the radiator can fill with steam.

Steam riser pipe
Steam radiator air vent

The valve was removed from the supply pipe.

Disassembled radiator valve

A rubber coupling was used to raise the valve, and the radiator was reconnected.

New and old floor boards

The radiator was not heating fully, so we disconnected it and looked inside for obstructions. This is the bottom horizontal pipe.

Inside of steam radiator

The problem turned out to be thread sealant tape blocking the pipe at the valve.

Embossed writing on the end names the manufacturer.

End of steam radiator