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Kitchen Floor Boards

Published 2013-01-22 · By James Bursa

The hardwood floor in the kitchen was incomplete in the corners next to the fireplace. Towards the end of autumn we cleared the area and fitted the missing boards.

Manually hammering nails into pre-drilled holes is good for small amounts of work. The wood is Mahagony.

Hammering down floor boards

Compressed air tools make the work much faster.


A special tool is inserted between the wall and the new board, and racked to push it snug against the adjacent board.

Preparing to use a nail gun

Then a compressed air nail gun is used.

Using a compressed air nail gun

Spot the boundary between the new boards and the dust-worn older boards.

New and old floor boards

Careful cutting is needed to fit the boards around the pipes and window mouldings.

Floor boards close up