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Bathroom Basics

Published 2012-12-23 · By James Bursa

Our first task in October 2011 was making the bathroom usable.

Earlier work had placed the sink and toilet in their final locations, but not plumbed-in. The bath tub was not yet in position.

Bathtub start state

The outer wall was insulated, but needed closing.

Bathroom window and wall start state
Bathroom window start state

The internal wall between the bathroom and kitchen was open from the bathroom side, revealing original slats.

Bathroom inner wall start state

First we completed the plumbing. Hot and cold water come from below. We added two Ts to each to give 3 outputs: sink with toilet, bathtub, and through the wall to the kitchen.

Bathroom plumbing

Flexible copper was used to ease plumbing round the corner leading to the sink. The large white pipe is the drain from the kitchen.

Bathroom plumbing detail

Gas for the kitchen also comes up in the bathroom. We added 3 elbows to lead it through the wall.

Bathroom gas plumbing
Bathroom sink

Next we cut sheets of Durock cement board as needed and screwed them to the studs to cover the outside wall.

Bathroom cement board
Bathroom cement board detail

The heavy bathtub was then moved into position on a wheeled dolly, and placed on its feet.

Bathroom bathtub in position
Bathroom bathtub feet

A new mixer tap from eBay provides the shower.

Bathroom shower

A special film was applied to the window to make it opaque while letting in daylight.

Bathroom window start
Bathroom window half film
Bathroom window with film
Bathroom window with file from inside

Much work remains but the bathroom is usable.

Bathroom ready for use
Bathroom sink in mirror
Bathroom bathtub in mirror

A plastic sheet protects the unfinished wall from water damage.

Bathroom wall protected